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Let's Talk. You are welcome to contact us at: 
Please ask for any information regarding meetings, dates and times, plant sales.  Questions regarding Santa Barbara County horticultural events, other society's activities and meeting times and dates, and gardening and horticulture in general are welcome, and if we can possibly provide a helpful answer, will be referred to a knowledgeable member.

2023 Board Members
President:  Debby Lipp
Secretary:  Diane Dunhill
Treasurer:  Debra Nordyke
Director:  Carol Terry, Carolyn Koegler,
             Dorothy Warnock
2023 Committee Chairs

Garden Tours:  Diane Dunhill
Membership:   David Kabashima
Newsletter Editor:  Debra Nordyke
Programs:  Debby Lipp
Scholarships:  Dorothy Warnock
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